Copied from Wikipedia because I'm too lazy to type out all the titles myself.

01. Roommates
02. Our Roommate is Missing
03. You're No Friend of Mine
04. Keeping Secrets
05. Summer Blues
06. Best Friends Forever
07. Four Is a Crowd
08. The Big Crush
09. Boy Trouble
10. Make Me a Star
11. With Friends Like That
12. Who's the New Girl?
13. Here Come the Boys
14. What's a Girl To Do?
15. To Tell the Truth
16. Three of a Kind
17. Graduation Day
18. Making Friends
19. One Boy Too Many
20. Friends Times Three
21. Party Time!
22. Troublemaker
23. But She's So Cute
24. Princess Who?
25. The Ghost of Canby Hall
26. Help Wanted!
27. The Roommate and the Cowboy
28. Happy Birthday, Jane
29. A Roommate Returns
30. Surprise!
31. Here Comes the Bridesmaid
32. Who's Got a Crush on Andy?
33. Six Roommates and a Baby

Super Editions
SE1. Something Old, Something New
SE2. The Almost Summer Carnival